SHOCKING: Pastor Orders Female Worshipers to go Naked in Church and Baptizes them for Crossover


A released video which has now gone viral on social media platforms, is showcasing a Ghanaian pastor who had ordered all female worshipers in his congregation to go naked and come out for a "holy bath".

In the alleged video which was streamed live, the female worshipers also heeded to his calls but walking up to him, strip naked, and then enter a large bowl where they had their "holy bath".

The alleged pastor, stated that he got the revelation and directive from God, and that he doesn't have any other choice than to obey the holy spirit, even though it might cause a stir in the world.

 Another pastor was seen rubbing what was perceived to be an anointing oil, on the body of the women, immediately after their bath.

The act has however caused and generated numerous reactions from users of the media as many saw such as the most absurd and horrible scene ever.

On Instagram, @pearl_delicate said (Were they all jazzed?), @michael_d_chigozie also said (These are not pastors but native doctors in a pastor format) and @casuals_by_kae said (The problem a lot of Christian have is that they don't read the bible, they just want to shout I receive it morning till night. OPEN YOUR BIBLE AND READ IT, ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF ABOUT THE WORD OF GOD

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