Rwandan Court jails Chinese Man for 20 Years for Torturing it's Citizens


The Karongi Intermediate Court, seated in the Western Province of Rwanda, has jailed a Chinese engineer identified as Sun Shujun, for allegedly maltreating and torturing it’s citizens.

Sometimes in August last year (2021), a video showcasing the accused beating and brutalizing two of his Rwandan national workers - Azalias Niyomukiza and Gratien Ngendahimana, who were tied to a tree and flogged for stealing minerals from his mining company, Ali Group Holdings Ltd, went viral and raised numerous concerns.

However, on Wednesday (20/04/2022), the court had landed his judgement on Sun and his accomplices - Alexis Renzaho, also an engineer, and Leonidas Nsanzimana, a security guard.

While he was sentenced to twenty (20) years imprisonment, Alexis was given twelve (12), while the security guard was acquainted. They were also ordered to pay the sum of Rwf 7.5m as compensation to the victims.

Reacting to incident after it happened, the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda via a released statement, had condemned the action of its citizen, saying;

The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda has taken note of a recent case concerning a Chinese private company and a citizen. The case is associated with suspected theft. The Chinese Embassy support Rwanda’s law enforcement agencies to investigate and handle the case transparently and fairly in accordance with the law of Rwanda. Meanwhile, we request the lawful rights of the Chinese enterprises and citizens be properly protected. The Chinese Embassy requires Chinese enterprises and citizens in Rwanda to abide by the local laws and regulations. Any suspected illegal behaviors found should be reported to the police timely

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