Lady Cuts her Cousin's Wedding after she Lamented on her been 'TOO FAT' to be her Maid of Honor


A lady with the name Ife Nkili (@Zioraife) on Twitter has informed the public that she wouldn't be attending her closest cousin's wedding, after the alleged bride told her that she was too fat to fit in for the role of Maid to Honor.

In a series of Tweets, she revealed that the bride had told her to loose some weight before December when the wedding would take place, else she wouldn't get to perform the role.

She also stated that those who were supposed to stand by her side, have always taken pleasure in bullying her for her physique.

In her words, she said;

"My closest cousin, the closest thing I have to a sibling, has officially confirmed I won't be her maid of honour cos I'm just too fat for a maid of honour role. Have to lose some weight before December or no maid of honour duties for me. I shan't be attending the wedding"

"My family will swear I'm wicked and no nonsense cos I reward meanness with the same level of vim. Begging me to attend for what? So I'd damage the aesthetics ? Nah, I'll stay home, press my phone all day, happy married life Couz!"

"These people who are supposed to be my people have bullied me all my life for genes I have absolutely no control over. If not for strong self-will, I'd loathe my body. Each time I eat, I stress over how much I'm eating, over how much I gain just eating. Hei mbanu!"

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