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Who Are We?

Explicit Post is a Nigerian News & Media Blog, created by Author, Blogger, Podcaster, and Speaker - Ogundele Olamide.

What Do We Do?

On Explicit Post, we feature daily stories, topics, pitches, and articles, raging on News which includes breaking stories, politics, environmental issues, education, security, viral and trending topics, and the public in general.

We also talk on Entertainment and anything relating to it. From celebrity talks, to music, movies, breakups, scandals, marriages, surprise packages, troll slamming, and their lifestyles.

We also feature stories on Autos and vehicles. We research the web and bring to you from our reliable sources the launching of new cars, SUV’s; their specification's and in-depth review about them. We also bring to you detailed facts about the happenings in the automobile industry and also do some checking’s and writings about automobile accessories.

We as well talk on Love & Relationship and also People & Societal happenings. These are posts that are originally written and are exclusive to explicit post. They talk on Dating, Love, Relationship, Marriages, Break-ups, Government, Religion, Entertainment, Personal Essay’s, Fiction and Nonfiction ideas.

As for Lifestyles, we go straight to different social media platforms, and bring to you people's experiences on different areas and aspects of life; their observations, opinions, believes, hardships faced, or social ideologies.

What We Don’t Do

- We don’t post anything pornography or contents relating to it.

- We don’t criticize or condemn any religious body or group or try to place one above the other. Contents relating to such are only based on fiction or public beliefs.

- We do not support hate speech.

- We don’t post stories that are vague, fake, or diluted. Our stories or posts are gotten from credible sources. You can check them here or below our pages.

- We don’t accept Ads or Advertisements that contain sexual content or nudity.

- We don’t and are not responsible for posts that seem insulting, full of hate, or contain discriminatory words about a dignitary, public figure, celebrity, government, body, security agencies, or political members. If anyone or group, has been indirectly insulted, badmouthed, or abused by any of our posts, then such person should forward a mail to us, attaching such post to it and demand for its originating source.

- We don’t approve a post on behalf of a person/body/group that would speak of hate or bad about the other.

What We Aim To Do

On Explicit Post, our aim is inform, teach, tell, self-motivate and support the media.

Our daily information which are gotten from direct sources, are in a bid to curtail the spread of fake news or misinformation to the society as we on Explicit Post would bring it all to you and give EXPLICIT fact about each and every one of our posts.

For further information About Us, you can contact Explicit Post via: explicit698@gmail.com

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